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Taste of Rome Italian restaurant

Taste of Rome

Redcliffe Italian restaurant
Clontarf Italian restaurant

Traditional Italian Food

Try our food in our restaurant & takeaway

Production and distribution of

Only the Authentic Italian recipe means

the Authentic Italian Taste


About Us

Made With Love

Taste of Rome is a family owned

producer and distributor of authentic Italian food, that specializes in traditional Italian (Roman) cuisine.

Try our food in our restaurant.


We take pride in using only the freshest ingredients, ensuring that all of our dishes are prepared with love and care.


Our Nonnas recipes have been passed down through generations and are the foundation of our menu. We believe in keeping our recipes simple, focusing on bringing out the true flavors of Italy.


We are passionate about our food and strive to make sure each dish is a true reflection of Authentic Italian cuisine.

Our Story 

After some traumatising experiences in her home town and the thought lingering in the back of her mind that she could provide her children with a better life and more opportunities in Australia. She took the plunge. 

In December of 2008, she packed up her life and her 6 kids and finally moved to Australia. 

She barely knew any English, but she was determined. Afterall, she had no choice, she could not go back. 

In the beginning she tried to continue the business she had - she designed sets and scenery for theme parks and movies. This wasn't working, and her savings were vanishing rapidly...

With 6 kids, and now one on the way, she knew she had to do something. 

So... she decided to try her hand at something else, she began to sell plants at  markets to make ends meet.

Born from a dream and a passion for food and love, Taste of Rome was created by a true Roman Nonna hoping to share just a little taste of her home with Australia. 

Arianna visited Australia when she was young, and instantly fell in love with this country. She loved the freedom, the opportunities, the people, the kindness, the wild life. Every day she dreamt of making Australia her home.

Bruschetta with in-house grilled vegies

For a short while this helped make ends meet. But she was exhausted, waking up at 3 am with only enough fuel to get there, spending the whole day there to then come home late at night and having no time with her family. One day the event organiser for her favourite market told her she could no longer come back - they were changing things and needed more food stalls and she was the last one to come. 

Once again she was at a crossroad... 

Without that market Arianna could not survive... 

Then she remembered something her dad had told her when she was young. "Se tutto va male, ricordati... Tu sei Itlaiana. Cucina!" ("If all else fails, remember... you are Italian, Cook!")


Gathering all her family recipes she began to cook Crostate, Chocoroll, mini Pizzas and Bucellatum. 

The next week she returned to that same market. The event organiser told her she could not come in unless she somehow had food... 

She opened up the truck and showed him, the food...

Shocked, he let her come in and set up her stall!

Bucellatum, the ancient Roman bread

Over the years, Arianna has fallen in love with being able to share a piece of herself with the country she now calls home. 

Through Taste of Rome she has been able to incorporate the things that are most valuable to her into something incredible. 

Family, Love and food.

Every dish follows the exact family recipe, with a lot of love!

The ingredients are simple, they compliment each other to bring out exquisite flavours in every single bite!

Chocoroll traditional Italian cake

Private Events


Call us for all your catering needs,

we will be happy to create something special for you.


Eggplant parmigiana

Location & Hours




98 Elizabeth Avenue

Clontarf, QLD 4019


0404 405 121

Restaurant Trading hours

Monday - Sunday

5:00pm - 9:00pm

Wholesale Trading hours


email us

call 0404 875 252 

9:00am to 6:00pm

Monday to Friday

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